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Prenuptial Agreements are a great way to take control of what happens to “your things” in the event of a future divorce. It’s an opportunity for individuals to talk about their finances and their expectations as they transition from being single to being married.

What is a Prenuptial Agreement? A Prenuptial Agreement aka Prenup is a legal document that couples sign before they get married, which determines how assets will be divided and protected in the event of a divorce, and can include intangible things like ideas (for example, a book, product, or design idea). It can also help protect each spouse from the other’s debt.

Individuals have rights over the things they possess, both before and after they are married. A Prenup will address each of your rights and lets the soon-to-be-spouses take control of what happens in the future, should the marriage end in a divorce. One of the good things about a Prenup is that when individuals are thinking about sighing one, they are on good terms, and it makes discussing topics such as money and property easier, which in turn makes it easier to come to an agreement. This is very important because by the time a couple arrives to the divorce stage, there is often a communication breakdown and working things out can be difficult.

Similarly, a Postnuptial Agreement aka Postnup serves the same purpose, except that the parties sign it after they legally marry.

Having a Prenup or Postnup is a smart financial decision because in the event of a divorce, either document will likely save you a lot of time, money, and stress. However, if you are going to sign one, you should speak with an experienced lawyer who will explain all of your rights. Hiring a lawyer is an important decision. The lawyer you hire should be someone you trust, someone who helps you understand the law, your rights, and responsibilities, all while fighting for you every step of the way. Your matter is unique and you can trust Marisol Cruz will tailor her legal representation based on your circumstances, and advocate for you. We look forward to helping you.


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